Payment Reminder Email Templates to Get Timely Payments in 2022

| January 11, 2021

updated on November 3, 2021 at 11:30 am

Payment reminder emails


You finally grabbed that big project and finished it diligently on time. But the client did not show the same diligence on their part and delayed your payment. And now you are fretting how to ask for your rightful dues without running the risk of spoiling business relations with the client. Worry not.

This article includes a few payment reminder emails template that save time and are extremely professional.

Strategies to Prevent Late Payment on Invoices

Reminder payment letter

Although reminder payment letters and mails have always been an option to get dues cleared, these should be an exception and not the norm. You can adopt these useful strategies for avoiding any overdue payment.

  • Set the payment terms before you take on the project

Small businesses should ensure that both parties agree on the terms of payment before signing any contract. You should apprise any new client about the modes of payment you prefer, the maximum time for processing of payment after project completion and so on.

  • Take advance deposit upfront

A professional way to prevent clients from receding on payments is to take an advance deposit before starting the project. This amount can be anywhere from 30-50 percent of your total fees. And, you can take the remaining amount before you handover the completed project.

  • Maintain effective two-way communication

Don’t wait till a day or two before the payment is to be processed. Raise an invoice as soon as the work is done and connect with the client about the upcoming pay date at least 15 days in advance.

  • Make it easy for the clients to make payments

An unspoken rule for freelancers and small businesses is that they should accept payments from all popular modes. Be it cheque, bank deposit, online payment through UPI or any other method. Clients have their own preferred methods of payment and by chance if you are not familiar with their method, your payment may get inadvertently delayed.

Best Practices to Follow in Payment Reminder Emails

Payment reminder email

Just because the clients have defaulted on payment doesn’t mean that you approach the client in an agitated tone. Here are the points to keep in mind while drafting a follow up payment mail.

  • Be firm but polite

It’s human to err. It’s highly plausible that the payment got late due to network problems on client’s side or simply because the client forgot. While drafting a payment follow up email to the client, explain your situation in a firm yet polite and professional manner.

  • Attach a copy of the invoice  

You sent the invoice on time, but the client says they did not receive it. A plausible explanation can be the mail containing your invoice got buried in the sea of hundred other mails the client received. While creating an overdue payment reminder emails sample, always attach a copy of invoice for the client’s reference.

  • Include contact details

If you are working with a client for the first time, be sure to add your contact details in your fee reminder message. You can customize your mail settings to automatically add your contact details as a part of your signature.

  • Send follow-up payment reminder emails

Just sending one payment reminder mail might not do the trick. Develop a timeline and follow it to regularly send reminder letters for overdue payments. For example, you can send email 15 days before, 7 days before, a day before the day of payment. For overdue invoices, you can follow a similar timeline.

Best Overdue Payment Reminder Email Samples

Are you struggling to strike the right match between an assertive and a polite reminder letter for overdue payment? We have got you covered. We list useful examples about drafting the perfect overdue payment reminder email.

  • Payment Follow up Email to Client a Week Before Due Date

The best approach in such a case is to opt for a short and sweet approach. Your payment outstanding reminder letter should give the client a heads up about approaching payment date. No need to show a sense of urgency here.

Payment reminder email sample #1

Subject– A week to go for clearing invoice (mention invoice number here)

Hello (client name),

Greetings of the day!

This is (your name) from (your company’s name). I am writing you this mail to remind about the invoice (insert invoice number). It is due to be cleared in 15 days. Requesting you to process the payment on (mention day and date here).

<Payment Link>

Please feel free to contact us in case of doubts or queries. We look forward to your positive response.


(Your name)


(Contact Details)

Reminder payment letter sample #2

Subject– Our invoice (mention invoice no. here) due in 7 days!

Hi (client name),

Hope you are doing well.

I am writing you this mail to apprise you of the progress we have made with your project. It’s 80 percent complete and we would submit it for final review by (mention date and day here).

The invoice (mention invoice no. here) for the same project is due for processing next week. Kindly clear all dues on or before the designated date.

<Payment Link>

Thanking you,

(Your name)


(Contact Details)

  • Follow up Payment Email to Client 2 Days Before Due Date

Content of the payment reminder email to be sent two days before the due date should be even shorter than the one you wrote a week before the due date. The mail should be a follow up on your earlier conversation to jog the client’s memory. Remember, the due date is still not here so no need to fret.

Follow up payment email sample #1

Subject– Invoice (mention invoice no. here) to be processed in 2 days

Respected (client name),

A quick reminder that the payment on invoice (insert invoice no.) is due for clearance two days from now, that is, on (mention day and date).

Kindly request you to clear the invoice. We look forward to more such productive associations in the future.

<Payment Link>


(Your name)


(Contact Details)

Payment follow up email to client sample #2

Subject– Advance reminder for clearing invoice (mention invoice no. here) 

Hello (client name here),

Hope you are doing good!!

I am writing you this mail as a gentle reminder that invoice (insert invoice no. here) is due for processing 2 days later, i.e. on (mention day and date here).

<Payment Link>

It would be helpful if you could confirm that the payment would be done on the said date and time. Looking forward to your positive response.


(Your name)


(Contact Details)

  • Payment Reminder Email on the Date of Payment

Such emails should be more of an inquiry than a reminder. This is because your invoice is technically still not overdue. Keep the content to the point as the client might well be in the middle of clearing your payments. Do remember to mention all acceptable modes of payment.

Overdue payment reminder email sample #1

Subject– Invoice (mention invoice number here) due today

Hello (insert client name here),

We are writing you this mail to remind you that payment on the invoice (insert invoice no.) is due for clearance today.

You can send in payment directly through this payment link in just a few minutes.

<Payment Link>

In case of any doubt or query, please feel free to contact us.

(Your name)


(Contact Details)

Fee reminder message sample #2

Subject– Invoice (mention invoice no. here) to be cleared today

Hi (add the client name here),

Hope you are doing good. Just a reminder that the invoice (insert invoice no. here) has to be cleared today. In case online bank deposit fails, you can send us the payment via (mention acceptable payment modes here).

<Payment Link>

Looking forward to your swift response on this. Hope to work more on similar projects in the future.

(Your name)


(Contact Details)

  • Polite Payment Reminder Email a Day After the Due Date

Keep a polite tone throughout the body of the mail, mixed with a mild sense of urgency. We recommend that you don’t mention the past reminders in this mail. It would be better to end the mail on a positive note.

Polite payment reminder mail sample #1

Subject– Invoice (mention invoice number here) overdue

Hi (insert name of the client),

This is to bring to your notice that the invoice (mention invoice no. here) was to be cleared yesterday. We request you to process all dues as soon as possible.

<Payment Link>

In case of any discrepancies, feel free to contact us.


(Your name)


(Contact Details)

Reminder letter for overdue payment sample #2

Subject– Clearance of overdue invoice (invoice no.)

Hello (client name here),

A gentle reminder that the invoice (insert invoice number here) has not been cleared as it was due for yesterday. We request you to clear the outstanding payment as soon as possible.

<Payment Link>

If you have any concern regarding the invoice and payment medium, feel free to contact us.


(Your name)


(Contact Details)

  • Reminder Payment Letter Email 15 Days After the Due Date

In such a scenario, your tone needs to get a bit firm and the mail body should reflect a great sense of urgency. Mention all the previous instances where you have notified the client about outstanding dues. It would be a sensible step at this stage to attach an invoice copy along with the mail.

Overdue payment reminder email sample #1

Subject– Please clear overdue invoice (mention invoice number)

Respected (name of the client),

We are writing you this mail to bring to your notice that the invoice (mention invoice no.) is due for 15 days but it is yet to be cleared even after repeated reminders.

<Payment Link>

We request you to clear all outstanding dues as soon as possible. We are attaching a copy for the invoice for your reference. In case of any queries, do reach out to us.

(Your name)


(Contact Details)

Payment outstanding reminder letter sample #2

Subject– Invoice (mention invoice no.) is now 15 days overdue

Hello (mention the name of the client),

Hope this mail finds you well. We would like to inform you that the invoice (mention invoice number here) is due for 15 days now. We have been sending timely reminders but are yet to receive our payment.

<Payment Link>

We request you to process the payment as soon as possible to avoid non-compliance with the agreement. A copy of the invoice has been attached for your reference.

(Your name)


(Contact Details)

What If Payment Reminder Emails Don’t Work?

There can be some instances when payment reminder emails would fail to elicit a response from your clients. If this happens, you can try to contact your client on the phone or set up a face to face meeting with them. Or you can loop in the higher management while sending out follow up payment email.

As a strong step, you can also utilize social media and highlight the client’s unprofessional attitude. But this step should be taken only in the rare situation. The goal should always be to get your dues cleared in a professional and polite manner.


Small businesses and freelancers may frequently encounter such a situation where the client lapses on the payment. For such scenarios, you should have payment reminder email templates ready at your beck and call. Remember that the key to a successful payment follow up email to clients is being forthcoming and professional at the same time.


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