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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

by : Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

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Brand: Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

100% Authentic Product
Safe & Secure Payment
Assured Best Price

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Software Overview

What is Ezy Rokad?

Ezy Rokad is a very easy-to-use accounting software that comes with the large number of simple business and accounting features. The software has many unique features that give you the ability to manage inventory, sale, distribution, procurement, and many other processes in your own manual style. Ezy Rokad is easy accounting software that makes accounting processes simple and uncomplicated. 

“भारतीय स्टाइल के इस एकाउंटिंग सॉफ्टवेयर की मदद से आप 5 मिनट में रोकड़ पाना छाप सकते है, बिलिंग कर सकते है, तकादा /फरदी लिस्ट निकाल सकते है, होलायती व् उच्चंती , गोदाम वार स्टॉक आदि का हिसाब रख सकते है और GST Return भी लगा सकते है.”

The software allows you to manage the accounts in a personal manual style with little or no training. Business owners or individuals can use Ezy Rokad to track their financial transactions or to generate financial reports instantly. 

One of the major advantages of using Ezy Rokad is that it saves a lot of manual tasks and time. Easy Rokad follows an uncomplicated Indian approach that has made it popular among customers within the country.

How does Ezy Rokad Help Businesses with Accounting?

Easy Rokad comprises unique features and flexibility which makes it easier for business owners to manage financial procedures and tasks quickly.

  1. User-Friendly Features: Easy Rokad is suitable of all customers. A small business owner, a housewife or a person using a laptop for the first time, Ezy Rokad will help you generate the financial reports quickly and efficiently. Even you don’t have an idea of DR/CR accounting and GST, Easy Rokad will act as your personal financial expert and guide you throughout in the process.
  2. Simple: The software is simple and helps businesses gain complete visibility into their finances. It is customizable to serve 25 plus trades and is very simple to use. 
  3. Flexibility: Being an advanced and flexible accounting software, Ezy Rokad users can customize things as per their needs. The software has been customized to serve over 25 trades. Easy Rokad is super simple to use (3-page software) and flexible enough to fit the unique requirements of several businesses.
  4. Free Support: Free support helps you to clear doubts related to any tool or process during your financial calculations. Though it is easy accounting software, you will get support for all your query.

Easy Rokad Pricing:

Ezy Rokad pricing is available at 30 percent discount. You can select plans based on your requirements (be it a lifetime, single user, multi-user) options or number of years.

Benefits of Easy Rokad

  1. 100% authentic: Easy Rokad is an authentic software suitable for all businesses. You can even request a call or get a free demo to clear your doubts before going for it.
  2. Safe and secure payment: The software allows safe and secure payments and it is available in both the languages Hindi & English for user convenience.
  3. Assured best price: Users can customize plans according to their business needs. They may choose from a single user, multi-user options, quantity in numbers, and plans in years.

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Accounting Software: Best Software in Hindi style

Ezy Rokad accounting software is the best alternative for these options when it comes to the Hindi style:  

  1. TallyPrime
  2. Busy software 
  3. Marg Software

Comparison of Ezy Rokad with other Accounting Software

  1. Ezy Rokad vs Ahead Softpro Universal Accounting Pro
  2. Ezy Rokad vs Aakash Infoway Kishan 6.0
  3. Ezy Rokad vs Giddh Accounting
  4. Ezy Rokad vs Target one Accounting Software
  5. Ezy Rokad vs Busy Accounting Software

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Features

India’s 1st SMALLEST (3-page) Accounting Software

A 3-page software, Ezy Rokad helps you take note of sale, purchase and cashbook (रोकड़ पाना-जमा नाम)

India’s 1st रोकड़ पाना Style Software

Ezy Rokad works as a replica of your handwritten cash book. It has two sides – receipt (jama) and payment (naam).

India’s 1st Print day book in रोकड़ पाना style

Print your day book(Purchase, Sale, Bank, Journal)in रोकड़ पाना style. 

India’s 1st पुर्जा by पुर्जा तकादा/फ़र्दी लिस्ट

Generate slip to slip (फ़र्दी/तकादा लिस्ट) with due days in just 1 or 2 pages.

Cash Detail (होलायती)

Keeping/Maintaining a record of cash detail is easily with Ezy Rokad.

Work From Pen-Drive

You can run the software from Pendrive also, No need to install in system.

Auto bank reconciliation

You can import your digital bank statements and reconcile with your bank entries in seconds.

Auto interest calculation (in महाजनी style)

It helps you auto-calculate interest on payments after adding/editing/deleting entries temporarily in the part ledger while the

Auto TDS calculation

The software auto calculates TDS and auto deletes previous TDS Entries in the books

Auto Production

The software itself generates an entry in case of production of finished goods or by products.

India’s 1St Data transfer security

Unlike other software , Data will be auto-deleted after transfer to/merge with another pen drive's data.

Auto Posting of Salary & Wages

Ezy Rokad also does auto-recording of employee salary and wages like bonuses, shifts, overtime, etc.


The software auto-creates GST/RCM masters. It allows auto posting of RCM & GST payable per month, auto-calculation of GST

Fastest Billing

A fast working accounting software, it helps you in billing fast without using much the Enter key.

Multi Customer Handling

The multi customer handling feature of the software enables multi-sale window on a single computer.

Challan Management

It allows you to keep a track of total number of items sold loose. The software converts those challans into bills afterwards.

Order Management

You can track all your orders and convert sale orders, whether partially or fully, into bills in an automatic manner.

Quotation & Estimates

The software help you generate quotation and help you make estimations.

Auto Calculation of Expenses

Ezy will auto calculculate all expenses like

Billing & maintaining stock in multi-units

Ezy Rokad helps you bill and maintain stock in multi-units. For example: 2 PKT = 98.5 kgs & charge rate as per

Auto tax Calculation as per item’s rate

Customized Bill Printing

The software has 4 specific buttons that help you with customized bill printing and issue professional invoice in A4, A5 size,

Profit & losses anlaysis

Analyze profits by item wise, day wise, month wise, city wise, staff wise etc.

Multi Rates & Discount

You can also give multiple rates (party wise & item wise) and adjust discounts right in the bill books.

Last 3 Deals of Parties

The software allows you to have a view of the last 3 deal rates of your buyer or seller at the time of billing. 

Cash Receiving & Returner

The software allows you make payment in advance & also a cash returner facility. For example: customer Give Rs

Advanced Billing

Talpati, dalal, godown, mrp, imei, part no., item code wise billing facility.

Barcode integration

With EZY Rokad, creating a barcode is also easy.

Auto GST Calculation

 EZY Rokad also auto-calculates GST while billing. No need to select any tax rate and CGST/SGST/IGST. 

Weight calculation for delivering goods

It can automatically do a weight-wise calculation for transportation of goods. 

Outstanding Reports

You can generate area/city/staff/head wise फ़र्दी/तकादा लिस्ट. It also helps generate that

Entries Searching Facility

Ezy Rokad allow to search entries with any of these details - narration, GSTIN, city-wise, amount, cheque no.

Useful Stock Reports

The software allows closing stock in double units, negative stock, item critical levels (reorder/minimum), stock valuation on

Parameterized Stock Maintenance

It makes inventory management easy based on colour, size and style across godowns.

MIS Reports & Analysis

The software help you analyze month wise items sold along with month wise sale to customer. It also helps with day-wise

Jama bahi, Nakal bahi, Rokad bahi

The software help you analyze your registers in various languages including English & Hindi.


The software comes with user-access limitations and data freezing features to ensure safety.

Auto Backup

The software also helps you create an auto backup in a pendrive or a pre-defined drive.

Email/SMS alerts

For all your offers and entries, you get notified via SMS, e-mail bill, outstanding payment, received payment, greeting messages

Scan Facility

Ezy Rokad helps you scan bills, receiving, docs.

Multi-company/Multi-godown functions

It also helps you with maintaining accounts in case of multi-company or multi-godowns.

Customized to Serve 25+ Trades

The software is customized to serve more than 25 trade types.

Import & Export Data

Users can export data with the bill & inventory. (Tally to Ezy/Ezy to Tally)

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Plans & Pricing

Ezy Rokad-Accounts
    • Quantity (Lifetime)
Ezy Rokad-Silver
  • Option(s)
    • Quantity (Lifetime)
Ezy Rokad-Gold
  • Option(s)
    • Quantity (Lifetime)
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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Perpetual
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English, हिन्दी

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Reviews


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Based on 9 Reviews

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“The open-platform spirit of Ezy Rokad appeals to me the most. It's not just one feature; it's Ezy Rokad's entire approach to what that does, and it's evident across the product.” Sonam Gupta - Feb 18, 2021

“Customizing user rights has the added benefit of allowing employees to enter their own expenses, which saves time.” Rashika13 Jain - Feb 18, 2021

“It is an Indian Style accounting software. You can do accounting in your own style.” Jeena - Feb 18, 2021


“For some reports I needed to do, I couldn't run a payment history by vendor. It's possible that it's a user error, however I was assured that the capability isn't available.” Arihant Jain - Feb 18, 2021

“Sometime the software works slow but otherwise it works very well.” Sonam Gupta - Feb 18, 2021

“I don't think there's anything I don't enjoy at this time. It was exactly what I needed to get my billing in order.” Rajesh Jain - Feb 18, 2021


Bishal Jain







“Great software easy to use”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Feb 18, 2021


Arihant jain


Software user since: < 6 months







“Very easy and convenient to use.”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Feb 18, 2021


Sonam gupta








“It is awesome & saves much time.”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Feb 18, 2021

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) FAQ

A. Ezy Rokad uses on-premise based data storage system.
A. Ezy Rokad is available for an online demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
A. As of now, Ezy Rokad is not available in the form of mobile apps.
A. Ezy Rokad offers various features to protect the data from counterfeiting and unauthorized access. It uses data freezing, external storage auto backup, passwords, etc.
A. Yes, Ezy Rokad can be used for seamless management of the manufacturing plants.

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